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Teaching comfort and love through the eyes of a dog

The world is more connected than ever, yet we feel increasingly disconnected. We are on a mission to teach the next generation how to comfort others.

What we do

Teach and provide comfort through an evidenced-based curriculum

Teach and facilitate with dogs

We learn by example, and there is no better example of how to best comfort others than with dog – who are always accepting.

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Learn comfort as a skill

We explain the link between kindness and comfort by introducing the Awkward Zone™. Participants break through their barriers.

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Enrichment activity

This is an enrichment activity that puts all of these core lessons into practice by creating an example of empathy through artwork.

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A Golden Opportunity

When you sponsor a golden retriever, you have a direct part in providing comfort to a child that needs extra love. Your sponsored golden will send you weekly updates (with the help of the handler of course) of how they helped in the community.
College Grove, TN


Nelson may be the smallest but his happiness far exceeds his size! His goofy personality will always bring a smile to everyone he meets!
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Denver, CO


Pia will melt in your hands with a wagging tail to match.
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Denver, CO


Derby’s goofy demeanor and happy smile bring joy to everyone he meets.
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Sylvan Park, Tn


Winnie’s name means “peaceful, gentle friend” which she lives up to every day.
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Indianapolis, IN


Cedric’s calming presence and kind eyes bring peace to all he meets.
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Nashville, TN

Honey Boy

As the oldest member of the team, Honey Boy leads by example with endless love for everyone.
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St. Louis, MO


Merida is always up for a new adventure and has never met a treat she doesn’t like! She loves to meet new people and brings endless smiles to those she meets!
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Nashville, TN


Ian provides love and comfort to the campers and staff at YMCA Camp Widjiwagan! He has a big heart full of love to share with everyone! He loves to swim, play with all his friends, explore new places, and snuggle whenever he can!
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Brentwood, TN


Woof! My name is Ripley. I’m a big cuddle bug and love to play. I always have a big golden smile on my face! I love spreading my joy of life to people, inspiring kindness, giving hugs and kisses, and bringing comfort to those in need.
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